Our mission:

"To make His Praise Glorious" (Psalm 66:2)


There are 5 pillars that define our ministry.  In concert, these values ensure that we are able to minister effectively.  There is more to serving in music ministry than raw talent.  Your heart and commitment matters and these guidelines ensure that we can truly make His praise glorious.

The 5 Core Values in Music Ministry:

  1. EXCELLENCE – We are committed to presenting music that is well prepared both musically and spiritually. God desires us to do what we do as well as we can do it, to His glory.
  2. CALLING – We are more than volunteers who serve when we feel like it. We are people called of God to perform the service each week of leading others to His throne. We do not take this responsibility lightly, but recognize God has called us to this task.
  3. HUMILITY – Jesus taught the way to greatness is the way of servanthood. Humility is the attitude that is to permeate the believer; and we as musicians must ever be aware of our struggle with pride. We should always desire that no one ever gets glory but Jesus, and we serve for His recognition alone.
  4. FAITHFULNESS – We recognize that we must be faithful to our calling, first and foremost, because God is faithful, and faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. Faithfulness is important to our preparedness to lead others in worship, and is vital for the fellowship of the choir.
  5. LOVE – Love is the outer garment of all the things Scripture tells us to “put on.” If we do all that goes with the other core values, but have not love, it will amount to nothing. Love is the core of God Himself and should also be the core of our being. To love is the Great Commandment.