How do you respond to adversity?  What happens if when your best plans fall flat?

In a time when simply going to a movie theater or seeing a game at a stadium is impossible, we wanted to find a way to share Christmas Sweet with you.  

On Sunday night, December 20th, we invite you, your family, and your friends to join us as we present Christmas Sweet: All is Calm, straight to your television.  This free, feature-length presentation will help you celebrate the season.  

You will meet Dennis and his family, as they, just like you, are trying to navigate the challenges of this Christmas season.  Along the way, we also plan to add exciting content to this website.  Learn how to make delectable Christmas Sweet desserts of your own, as special guests join chef Emma in cooking episodes.  You will see behind-the-scenes studio footage as our musicians, actors, and technical engineers all work together to make Christmas Sweet a reality!

Stay tuned!